A Brewology fully automated CIP set is a system designed to clean product transfer mains, filling machines, product processing systems and product holding vessels.


Main features

  • Tank sizes - 250L, 500L, 750L, 1000L

  • Detergent heating by steam, hot water, gas, or electric

  • Twin and Triple tanks (acid tank optional)

    • Twin - Recovery & detergent​

    • Triple - Recovery, caustic detergent, acid detergent

  • Variable speed casting pump (controlled to pressure and flow rate)

  • Automated scavenge pump control

  • Lights out cleaning - stacked multiple cleans

  • Optional extras

  • Control of scavenge pump to provide tank ponding

  • Route integrity checking

  • Rout selection recipes

  • Recipe system teach and record

  • Conductivity probe to determine detergent interface

  • Automated detergent make up

  • Automated level and temperature controls

  • Remote diagnostics and alarm messaging


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